Selection Process

As part of trying to ensure that we are running a fair and transparent selection process for men's, ladies', and mixed-team tennis, we have published the process we are using for player selection. 

If you have any further questions or concerns about the below, please speak to one of the club captains. 

Selection Process

1) The Teams and Competitions (T&C) workgroup chairperson (Andrew Giltrap), manages and organises the process, including starting by asking all members via email if they want to be considered for selection. Members to respond.

2) Club Captains (Matt Parker and Helen Dyson) plus two more nominated committee/workgroup members, create the first draft list for men’s, ladies and mixed teams. The other two nominated people should have a good knowledge of the lower half of the membership in terms of skill level. At present these two nominated persons are Nick Wilkins and Eileen Grigg. Data to be provided to the selection team to assist should include the spreadsheet collated by Ian Collins showing all the results from previous summer leagues, Foursomes/singles ladders data to be supplied by Nick Wilkins, feedback from team captains, and knowledge of successful pairings.

3) A meeting of the full selection committee will then be held to agree on the final draft and suggested squads for each team, and potential team captains. The full selection committee includes Club Captains, Nick Wilkins, Eileen Grigg, T&C’s workgroup Chairperson, Club Coach (Craig Leese), and Club Chairperson (Rob McNinch). Craig Leese to act as a reference point for knowledge on skills levels and partnerships, and Rob McNinch to ensure that we are honouring our pledge to members to run a fair and transparent selection policy.

4) T&C’s workgroup chairperson to register teams with the league.

5) Team captain’s to be confirmed by Club Captains.

6) Captain’s meeting then to be held to brief all team captains on the role

7) Regular captain's meetings to be held (first after 4 weeks then at regular intervals during the season) organised by the club captains to ensure the whole process is working smoothly.